Don’t Just Take Our Word For It. Here’s What Our Clients Have To Say.


…your service, attention to detail, and communication was excellent. We Crush Events is a joy to work with and I’m looking forward to planning our next event!


Working with We Crush is always a great experience from start to finish. I’m continuously blown away by their creativity and ability to push things to the next level, creating new and better experiences for our employees each and every time!


THANK YOU SO MUCH for an amazing party! It was an incredible night and I’ve never been more proud of an event! And the staff absolutely loved it.


I am truly grateful for making this part of my job SO much easier for me. You have definitely earned our business and I look forward to planning our next year’s holiday party with you.


They always bring innovative & creative ideas to make EACH event unique, organized and at the highest standard possible. Their communication is outstanding and it leads to everything being executed greatly day of!

Guthy Renker

We Crush Events was so organized and so on it. They took care of every detail. It was the easiest party I ever planned.


…wonderful experience and partnership to produce our 900 person holiday party. Great service, innovative ideas and a pleasure to work with


We Crush Events was very thorough and patient with us! They offered us a great selection of venues and price options. A real pleasure to work with
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Davis Elen

We were stressed because we had no way to do virtual breakout rooms for our planning kick-off meeting. We Crush’s expertise in digital production allowed us to do breakout rooms with smaller groups to collect feedback and encourage discussion

SHI Logo


We needed creative virtual event ideas to keep employees engaged and keep up morale. The chef at our virtual pizza-making event helped keep our attendees engaged and excited to make the pizza together.

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We were searching for a vendor with flexibility and multiple options for both in-person and virtual events, but felt stressed and overwhelmed with the number of options and not having a main point person to go to for the event. The vendor We Crush selected for us was AMAZING at hosting, transitioning things behind the scenes, and being an expert in his field. The attendees absolutely loved it and it was a great success. The We Crush team was amazing and offered up additional options and created ways for us to customize these events.

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We were unable to host our holiday party in person and were frustrated by the lack of options we were finding for a virtual event. We decided to have We Crush help us because they provided so many virtual event options. At our Mixology event, everyone could be involved and had time to mingle while having a drink in a virtual party mood.

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Warren William Group

We were looking for something engaging in a virtual environment for a distant team to connect, while sharing some light-hearted moments and laughs together. We also faced a bit of a time-constrained window to pull it off. We all thought the staff for the Virtual Casino event were super engaged and enthusiastic throughout the event. We Crush did an amazing job communicating exactly what to expect, with a very clear run of the show and event agenda. They totally removed all stress from my plate, which was a wonderful feeling!

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ZAM Network

We Crush planned a virtual Casino Night for our event. Our members got to laugh with each other and have fun banter. We appreciated the ease of the entire process with We Crush.

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Creating networking opportunities with our clients is hard. The virtual mixology event made it feel like we were meeting for drinks to bond.

Suzuki Marine

We were looking for a quick, fun, professional, and interesting wellness event for our employees (we had wellness funds we had to use or lose before calendar year end!). This virtual event allowed us to take only an hour out of the day and have people across the country attend. We have worked with WCE before with great success. Since they do everything, it’s very easy on our side

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I was stressed about something going wrong with 65 people in attendance. Having someone manage the breakout rooms was a huge help!

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The Marvin Group

Before bringing in We Crush Events, the major challenge was allowing those of us that had begun the planning for our 60th Anniversary event to truly enjoy themselves. After meeting with a few different event companies, the knowledge and expertise shared with us in our initial meeting and how comfortable we felt with We Crush from that first call was our deciding factor. Hosting the event at SoFi Stadium was a huge win for us. The activities and what was shared with our employees were great.

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Pie Insurance

I was overwhelmed with sourcing an event location for a group our size, creating a fun event that reflected our company’s personality and values, securing travel resources, and managing several vendors. I knew we needed professional help! We Crush had several good ideas that spoke to our needs. The games, the time together, the dancing, and the general silliness was VERY successful. We did a survey to find out if folks found the event to be a good use of time and money and 89% were in favor and 1/2 of our respondents left very very positive comments!

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Brookfield Properties

It takes up a lot of time to find venues, find vendors, plan food, plan activities, etc. The presentation of theme ideas for our event and having WCE do most of the work is why we chose them. The gambling tables and the photo booth at our event provided employees the opportunity to have fun and let loose with one another. 10 out of 10!


Mob Scene

Being a one-woman show, the holidays have always been a difficult challenge in juggling my day-to-day tasks, additional holiday projects, and hosting the party. I was eager to delegate the party! We were faced with the challenge of pivoting our usual headcount and budget at the last minute while still maintaining the high expectations our staff has come to expect from our events. I think WeCrush handled this last-minute pivot well!

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Before bringing in We Crush Events, the major challenge was allowing those of us that had begun the planning for our 60th Anniversary event to truly enjoy themselves. After meeting with a few different event companies, the knowledge and expertise shared with us in our initial meeting and how comfortable we felt with We Crush from that first call was our deciding factor. Hosting the event at SoFi Stadium was a huge win for us. The activities and what was shared with our employees were great.

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Rosendin Electric

It’s a challenge putting together fun and interactive events for our remote workers. Having an event planner who was well-organized took the worry out of the event.

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I was overwhelmed with where to start on site selection, international travel requirements, vendor selection, and coordination for our event. The event was very successful overall. The We Crush business model and being woman owned are awesome!

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Edwards Lifesciences 

I needed help coordinating fun activities for my team that they would truly enjoy participating in. I am also terrible at decorations, so something to make the event more festive and special really helped the vibe of the event. The team really enjoyed the Edwards Olympic Games and doing it as a team.


NEXT Trucking

We were tasked to plan an all-hands company event very last minute. We didn’t really have time to search venue options and were struggling with finding a place that would be exciting, available on our date, and within our budget. It was a bit overwhelming because it was the first company event since before COVID so we had pressure to make it a really awesome event. Everyone was very excited for the Welcome Back Party because it was an opportunity for many of us to meet each other for the first time in person, to get teams together, and to experience such a cool thing as a team. It was a great way to bond and build memories together. We appreciated We Crush’s subject matter expertise and pricing model. I thought it was fair and unique, and felt from the beginning that we could trust you all with our event.

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Westwood Financial

The office manager and I were overwhelmed with planning the event and all the specifics. Both of us had taken on additional roles within the company and planning presented a challenge. We Crush was consistent, their follow-up and execution were wonderful, and they were easy to reach throughout the process. The venue was perfect, having the shuttle was very convenient, and the entire company enjoyed it.



We needed some professional support to help coordinate the many, many details of our event to be sure all 160 people felt welcomed and taken care of. Our focus on having fun, rather than corporate strategy sessions or presentations, was key. Splitting up our group on Saturday afternoon into 5 small-group events was really helpful in fostering stronger bonds, and I think the extra work it took to manage 5 simultaneous events was well worth it.

HUB Logo

HUB International

We spent a lot of time trying to source venues and options in our price range. We also struggled to manage all the logistics with our vendors while also needing to manage our internal logistics. Partnering with We Crush allowed us to utilize all their expertise and service without a large additional cost to us.

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Meggitt USA

We were overwhelmed with too many locations to research and not enough bandwidth to do so. We Crush saved us a ton of time by doing venue research and outreach. They also provided day-of support for our event.

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Sourcing multiple vendors and not being sure about their quality was a stressor. Our current employees and their plus ones were impressed by all aspects of the holiday event that We Crush put together for us.

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Baker Tilly

I didn’t have a theme for our holiday party and was feeling nervous about the event. We Crush found a beautiful setting and made it all come together. It was so easy working with them because they understood our goals and challenges.

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In previous years we’ve had to plan our annual holiday party ourselves, so to have someone else plan the holiday party for us was a big stress reliever. We Crush was absolutely amazing! They made sure the party went off without a hitch. We had rave reviews from our employees. Everyone had a blast! Partnering with We Crush was a huge time saver and stress reliever.

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I was STRESSED trying to get vendors to call back with a quote and deciding which vendor was best for our event. We Crush nailed the venue decor and the food! Everyone seemed pleased with the event and we had a nice turnout. I’ve worked with We Crush for years and every event has been great!

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Common Wealth Partners

We Crush helped us connect with our entire staff in different markets in a fun interactive setting. They have a great team and great venue options.

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We were struggling to find time to reach out to venues in the area. Plus, we didn’t know where to start to understand what we could expect a venue to provide. The whole event came across as very professional and went smoothly. Knowing that someone would be onsite to help out with any issue was a tremendous help. I knew I could trust We Crush and not have to worry about a thing!

Centerfield Logo


Everyone had a blast together at our holiday party! We Crush found a great venue and enhancements. There’s just not enough time for us to manage all of our events, which is why we’ve been a partner for years!

C2 Financial Logo

C2 Financial Corp

As a Manager and wearing several other hats within the company, time was my biggest issue for planning our event. We Crush found a wonderful space with lots of activities for people to be excited about and provided help so that employees could just go and enjoy the party. Their readiness, great communication, and wonderful attitude made it an easy sell. They Crushed it!


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