Unwrapping Success: A Behind-the-Scenes Look at Our Corporate Holiday Party Triumphs!

Many companies were gearing up to throw epic holiday bashes, letting their employees kick back, groove to the holiday beats, and soak in the festive spirit. 

As we welcome the new year, we are taking a look back at all the holiday events we executed this holiday season! 

Undertaking the Holiday Goals

Our primary goal for our clients is to ensure that we provide them with the necessary tools and resources to surpass their expectations for a corporate holiday celebration. We begin by collaborating with unique partners who cater to every aspect of their needs.

  • Snagging the coolest venues
  • Managing Holiday Event Budgets 
  • Sourcing Out of this World Themed Entertainment 
  • Holiday Themed Decor and Furniture 
  • Providing On-site Management

Whether it’s scouting the trendiest venues with a perfect holiday atmosphere or transforming corporate offices into a winter wonderland on short notice, we’ve got it covered!

 Some opt for the classic winter wonderland and lodge theme, while others choose themes that focus on employee engagement, such as a disco or casino holiday party. These unique themes allow us to showcase our creativity and turn ideas into memorable experiences.

Executing the Perfect Themed Vision

In order to picture their visions, we create mood board presentations and collaborate with various vendors. This approach enables us to capture each event’s unique taste while also being mindful of our client’s budget. Our clients appreciate the opportunity to leverage our services, reducing their workload and allowing them to enjoy the festivities.

This holiday season, we’ve had the pleasure of bringing several creative ideas to life. 

Winter Lodge Themed Holiday Party 

Our latest client’s event was a hit with a cozy après-ski theme right in the heart of the office. Our skilled event manager had a blast working closely with the client to infuse their unique office space into the theme, guaranteeing a fun-filled time for everyone. 

Polar Express Wonderland

We transformed our client’s holiday party into a Polar Express wonderland! The craftsmanship was exceptional, immersing everyone in the movie’s magic. Grateful for such fantastic partners!

Holiday Disco Nights 

We assisted this corporate client plan the ultimate festive holiday disco party in Denver. Guests don their stylish best as a live boogie band sets the rhythm, transforming the evening into a captivating blend of corporate charm and disco vibes. 

A Fiery Holiday Party 

Watch the magic happen as fiery dancers light up the night with captivating performances. This corporate holiday provided many wow factors to immerse guests in a desert oasis in the heart of Beverly Hills. 

The success of these corporate holiday parties underscores our commitment to excellence, and we eagerly anticipate the opportunities that the upcoming year will bring.

If you’re looking for a premier event planning company that can help you elevate your corporate event to the next level, contact We Crush Events today!

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