Transforming Visions into Reality: Spring Picnic Success Story

At We Crush Events, every project is a chance to elevate everyday moments into extraordinary memories. The stage for our most recent masterpiece was this corporation’s 25th Anniversary Event,  a day of celebration envisioned for 1,000+  employees and their families. 

The client’s goal was clear: a grand but private carnival picnic at beautiful Calamigos Ranch in Malibu, CA to express gratitude and appreciation for a year of hard work. 

We Crush Events Takes Action

Our task was nothing short of spectacular. Led by our skilled Director of Events, Veronica, we ventured beyond the ordinary. 

Veronica’s expertise extended beyond the typical event management duties; she meticulously coordinated a myriad of elements, from carnival rides and a giant rock climbing wall to digital caricature artists and a petting zoo.

Our passion at We Crush Events lies in taking on challenges that elevate the client’s happiness to new heights. We sought out unique amusement rides and fun activations, presenting options that went beyond the client’s initial expectations. 

Our commitment to creativity not only met but exceeded the client’s vision, introducing an energy and excitement that resonated throughout the event. 

Of course no event is without its challenges. The main hurdle we faced was during the load-in process. Despite the most detailed maps and plans, the day of hurdles are  almost inevitable. Yet, under Veronica’s expert guidance, we navigated them seamlessly, ensuring a timely set up and flawless execution.

The pinnacle of our success was the client’s ecstatic response. This corporation  was not just satisfied but thrilled with the entire event. 

From engaging activations to a lively band, We Crush Events delivered an unforgettable experience that kept all attendees entertained, well fed and having an absolute blast!


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