Elevating Sales Kick Offs: We Crush Events Delivers Seamless Experiences in Austin, TX

At We Crush Events, we take pride in transforming our clients’ visions into unforgettable experiences. For two consecutive years, Caylent has entrusted us with the planning and execution of their yearly Sales Kick Off event. 

After a memorable international excursion to Cancun, Mexico, last year, Caylent sought a different experience for their team within the United States. Austin, Texas, emerged as the perfect location – renowned for its fantastic weather, exceptional food, and vibrant culture.

Sales Kick-Off Goals

Caylent’s goals centered around re-energizing their team for another year in the tech industry. The shift from an international to a domestic setting required careful consideration to capture the warm vibes while fostering a conducive work environment.

Securing the ideal venue was paramount, and after meticulous deliberation, we chose the boutique Hotel Magdalena. Nestled in the heart of South Congress, this vibrant hotel offered a stunning location with an impressive indoor-outdoor meeting space.

The area’s lively atmosphere, complete with shopping, great food, and nightlife, complemented the overall experience for the 100 event attendees.

Hotel Magdalena - Austin, TX

Our ability to seamlessly execute the event was a testament to our meticulous planning and unwavering confidence in our chosen venue. The Hotel Magdalena not only met but exceeded expectations, providing the attendees with a delightful experience.

Despite not being on-site, we delivered a flawless event, showcasing our commitment to excellence and ensuring the trip ran smoothly.

Our Reflections

At We Crush Events, we relish the opportunity to plan corporate trips that bring joy to our clients and create lasting memories for all attendees. Working in a new city like Austin allowed us to broaden our horizons and establish valuable connections in the event industry nationwide.

As we reflect on our successful collaboration with Caylent, we look forward to continuing to exceed expectations in future ventures!

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