Admin Awards 2024 in the Bay Area was a Success!

On June 14th, the Admin Awards in Burlingame brought together some of the most dedicated and hardworking administrative professionals in the Bay Area.

Among the notable attendees were our amazing team members at WCE: Sindhu Srivastava, Dionne Lummus, and Monica Perez, whose presence added a touch of grace and enthusiasm to the event. 

As key figures at We Crush Events, they were there to celebrate the often unsung heroes of the corporate world—those who keep the engines running smoothly behind the scenes.

Throughout the evening, attendees were moved by the inspiring speeches and heartfelt stories shared by the winners and CEOs who came to support the remarkable admins of the Bay Area. 

The event was made even more special by the involvement of We Crush Events, which proudly sponsored the awards. 

WCE’s Contribution to Honor Attendees

Demonstrating their commitment to recognizing and rewarding excellence, We Crush Events gave away a fantastic Napa Wine Train experience and a Napa Wine Train basket to one fortunate attendee. 

This generous giveaway was a highlight of the evening, creating a buzz of excitement and anticipation among the guests. The winner was thrilled to receive such an exceptional prize, symbolizing the luxury and relaxation that the Napa Valley is renowned for.  We Crush Events also sponsored the gift each attendee received upon arrival, a luxury leather handbag.

Reflections on the Speeches

Each speech resonated with the audience, emphasizing the critical role that administrative professionals play in the success of their companies. 

These powerful testimonials highlighted the dedication, creativity, and resilience of admins, who often go above and beyond to ensure their teams thrive.

What we’ve learned from the Admin Awards

The Admin Awards in Burlingame was not just an event; it was a celebration of excellence and a testament to the vital contributions of administrative professionals. 

Sindhu Srivastava, Dionne Lummus, and Monica Perez, along with all the attendees, left with a renewed sense of appreciation for the hardworking individuals who form the backbone of their organizations.

The evening was a beautiful reminder that behind every great team, there are exceptional admins who deserve recognition and applause.

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